• The Building Blocks of a Financial Strategy

    you and your relationship with money

  • Asset Class Investing

    how and where to invest your money

  • What you get as a financial adviser

    One of the first things I tell all of my financial advisors is that when it comes to digital marketing strategies, you need to start with the words. In this case, I mean the unique content – the articles, the whitepapers and the similar types of collateral you’re trying to get in front of the eyes of every prospective client that you can.

    You need content

    Content is also added to your site and is searchable on a regular basis, which can generate leads from not only techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), but through social media activity as well. If your articles are written in a way that answers your future client’s questions and addresses their concerns, you’re making it more likely that they actually become your future clients.

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