• Do you want to invest your hard-earned money, but don't know where to start?


    Shares for Beginners is the podcast for you.

  • Hi, I'm Phil Muscatello

    I interview industry experts so you'll learn what to do, what to ask and - ideally - how not to lose money

    I'm just like you:

    1.  I want to make money from the stock market
    2.  I find the terminology confusing
    3.  I want to be able to make informed decisions
    Let's learn together on Shares for Beginners 

    And even if you don't want to invest directly in the share market, it's important to know how investments work.

    By listening to this podcast you'll be empowered to:


    • Understand more about what's going on in your superannuation fund
    • Know what questions to ask a financial adviser
    • Where money gets invested when you retire
    • If you're young, how to be thinking in the long term


    Because I'm not an expert, I ask the questions that others won't ask. My guests are always challenged to simplify and explain what is often confusing and jargon-laden.

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    What is an ETF? Exchange Traded Funds - It's a simple concept that can quickly become confusing. Kanish likes to flip the words around to say that an ETF is a fund traded on an exchange. Get that? It's a fund that invests in something like the ASX 200 (the top 200 shares on the Australian...
    Julian is an Investment Specialist with Platinum Asset Management. He first joined Platinum in 2001 and then quit in 2002 to travel the world. He worked at Credit Suisse in metals and mining before starting his own minerals exploration company. In the mining business it's easy to read the...
    Ted Richards, famous defender for the Sydney Swans, behavioural economist and now Business Development Manager at Six Park, helps first-time investors tackle the biases that may be affecting their investment decisions and introduces us to the low-fee world of investing with robo advice. Ted...
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