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    I had a great time chatting with Doug from Sharesight. He's a great guy and I love using Sharesight myself. It may sound boring but record-keeping is important in share investing and it also gives you insights that can make you a more profitable investor. We cover a range of topics including...
    There's nothing worse than buying the wrong stock, watching it plummet in value and not doing anything about it. This article in today's Australian sums it up clearly. When is it time to sell a stock? We often find out, the hard way, there was a very good reason why the share price looked ...
    13 mars, 2019
    Robin Bowerman is the Head of Corporate Affairs at Vanguard and a member of the Executive Team. Robin is also Vice Chair of the SMSF Association.   Vanguard is a pioneer of index investing something we explore and explain during this interview. Before joining Vanguard, Robin was a leading...
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