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    Ted Richards, famous defender for the Sydney Swans, behavioural economist and now Business Development Manager at Six Park, helps first-time investors tackle the biases that may be affecting their investment decisions and introduces us to the low-fee world of investing with robo advice. Ted...
    June 3, 2019
    One of the basic building blocks of investing is "doing your research". But, there is so much information out there it can be very confusing, especially charts and what is known as technical analysis. Today's guest, Louise Bedford, has a simple solution and that's to utilise "Candlesticks". These...
    I had a great time chatting with Doug from Sharesight. He's a great guy and I love using Sharesight myself. It may sound boring but record-keeping is important in share investing and it also gives you insights that can make you a more profitable investor. We cover a range of topics including...
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