Stockopedia: Your All-in-One Investment Guide 

  • Stockopedia is a powerful research tool that designed to provide institutional grade research for serious DIY investors looking to navigate the complex world of stocks.


    In this review, we'll delve into the key features to help you decide whether it's right for you.

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    Stockopedia offers a diverse range of pre-built screens that cater to various investment strategies.


    From Top StockRanks to Quality Investing and Bargain Stocks, these screens can be a handy starting point for investors looking to explore the stock market.


    Stockopedia provides an extensive range of screening tools, allowing investors to customize their searches with industry-standard valuation and measurement filters. Whether you're interested in market capitalization, EPS growth, or P/E ratios, Stockopedia's screening tools have you covered.

    Stockopedia the essential tool for serious DIY share investors. 10% off first year or membership

    One of the standout features of Stockopedia is its robust Education Hub.


    With Stockopedia Guides, Learning Resources, and ad-hoc educationAL posts, investors can embark on a journey to enhance their financial knowledge.


    Led by experienced investors and educators Elio D'Amato and Chris Batchelor the local team will:

    • Support your investing education
    • Deliver relevant equity research
    • Provide valuable product and investing support

    This wealth of educational content is incredibly useful, especially for beginners who want to grasp the basics and dig into more advanced concepts. BTW that's Stockopedia founder Ed Croft in the pic.



    Ed Croft, Chris Batchelor, and Elio D'Amato
    Free Cash Flow hard to fake it unless you make it - Chris Batchelor from Stockopedia

    I was joined in this episode by Chris Batchelor from Stockopedia to discuss Free Cash Flow - what does it mean and why is it important?


    Free Cash Flow is the amount of money that a business generates after paying for its operating expenses and investing in its growth.


    It is the cash that is left over for the owners or shareholders of the business to use as they wish. They can use it to pay off debt, save for future projects, or distribute as dividends. 





    • Extensive pre-built screens and customizable screening tools.
    • A wealth of educational resources for investors, including guides, learning materials, and ad-hoc posts.
    • A comprehensive alerts system to keep investors informed.
    • A global reach catering to investors in various regions.
    • The Stock Rank system simplifies stock selection for beginners.
    • Discretionary portfolio construction for more experienced investors.
    • Access to a knowledgeable investment research team.
    • Strong customer support with teams both locally and globally.


    • Extra costs may apply for access in some regions.
    • DIY share investing can be complex, requires serious learning and vigilance, and may lead to loss of capital.
    The numbers don't lie - they reveal the soul of a stock. Elio D'Amato from Stockopedia






    Broadcasting live from his humble garage next to his trusty Toyota Corolla (and a clothes rack), Elio D'Amato from Stockopedia joined me to discuss share investing and the factors that identify quality companies:


    These factors of quality, value and momentum, are the work of the giants of our industry. We rank the world's stocks according to the factors that have been identified. So an investor can easily search for these factors. And then we blend the factors of quality, value and momentum into what we call stock rank score, which is in essence trying to find good cheap, strong stocks, which sounds like a pretty robust strategy over time. And we've shown that it provides a smoother performance relative to the market over time.

    Stockopedia the essential tool for serious DIY share investors. 10% off first year or membership

    In the interests of transparency:


    I receive a commission on subscriptions to Stockopedia. This helps me to continue my work educating newcomers to the share market. You will receive a discount by using these links/coupon codes. I only recommend products and services that I use and trust myself or where I have interviewed and/or met the founders and have assured myself that they’re offering something of value. All services are provided by Stockopedia Ltd, United Kingdom (company number 06367267) ABN 39 757 874 670 which is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Daylight Financial Group Pty Ltd ABN 77 633 984 773, AFSL 521404. Here's a link to the Stockopedia Financial Services Guide. Information for Australasian users only.