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    My background is in audio production, and I firmly believe that podcast audio quality should match that heard on ABC & commercial radio. If you are not located in Sydney and can't come to my studio, we can record remotely. A good USB microphone is a factor I take into consideration when accepting guest requests. Good audio quality is a MAJOR FACTOR IN LISTENER RETENTION. A good microphone will make you a more valuable guests for all media appearances.


    I recommend this podcasting microphone kit. It’s inexpensive, simple to use, and remarkably good quality:

    Samson Q2U Recording & Podcasting Pack USB/XLR Dynamic Mic & Accessories | USB Microphones - Store DJ


    Headphones or wired earbuds are also recommended. Please note AirPods are NOT high enough quality for recording. Blue Yeti mikes are borderline.

  • Shares for Beginners is a podcast that I launched in February 2019 and the name says it all. I was investing by myself for years and made many costly mistakes. I wanted to talk with experts to improve my investing and to take listeners along for the journey. I love busting jargon, exploring dark corners of finance and sharing the knowledge of highly intelligent investment professionals on how the world works. Following is some numbers about the audience.

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    "I just wanted to let you know that your podcasts have been great, so inspiring and full of information. I have never invested but am very curious and each time I listen to your podcast it makes me very excited. Your guests that come on our very passionate knowledgeable guests!"


    "Thanks for starting such a great and informative podcast. I'm telling all my friends and family about it! Keep the good tips and smooth tunes flowing."


    “Hi, I just wanted to say to keep up the good work, I enjoy the podcast, love how you stop the experts from talking their jargon and make them dumb it down”


    "I'm really enjoying the diverse guests and topics you're covering so far and I have binge listened to the pod a number of times! Keep up the great work, you're really taking out the fear people have in investing by breaking it down into digestible chunks. I love how you reel the guests back into explaining what they mean when they start to run off with their jargon haha"
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