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  • Do you want to invest in shares but don't know where to begin?

    My name is Phil Muscatello. In 2019 I started an investing podcast called Shares for Beginners. I thought that I knew how to invest in the share market. The many experts with real world experience that I've interviewed have shown me how clueless I was. Don't make the same mistakes as me.



    "I just wanted to let you know that your podcasts have been great, so inspiring and full of information. I have never invested but am very curious and each time I listen to your podcast it makes me very excited. Your guests that come on our very passionate knowledgeable guests!"


    "Thanks for starting such a great and informative podcast. I'm telling all my friends and family about it! Keep the good tips and smooth tunes flowing."


    “Hi, I just wanted to say to keep up the good work, I enjoy the podcast, love how you stop the experts from talking their jargon and make them dumb it down”


    "I'm really enjoying the diverse guests and topics you're covering! Keep up the great work, you're really taking out the fear people have in investing by breaking it down into digestible chunks. I love how you reel the guests back into explaining what they mean when they start to run off with their jargon haha"
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    Shares for Beginners Podcast

    Thousands of Australians tune in to the podcast every week as I explore the nooks and crannies of the share market with my wide range of expert guests. Latest episode appears below:

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