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 It was excellent to sit down and chat with Adam Turk from Harbourside Capital. I had a whole list of questions prepared but we quickly went off on to a tangent and, I think, a much better interview with some valuable lessons.

For Adam it's all about Risk Management.  His company has a process that screens for the best shares on the market at any particular time. They have a less than 50% success rate but they sell the shares that aren't performing and hold on to the ones that do well.  It's not about being right all the time but about limiting the downside and holding the winners. 

Harbourside Capital

"I think as humans, we struggle with the concept of not being wrong. Our whole education system, our whole life is built around our sense of self and to be valued for your opinion. Maybe that's something we should start teaching kids, that failure is all part of the process. And failure is a natural thing. When you really understand that it changes your outlook." - Adam Turk

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