Shares for Beginners - First Birthday

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Shares for Beginners - First Birthday

Today is the first birthday of this podcast. My name is Phil Muscatello. I want to thank you for your kind words and comments, your feedback and most of all for just listening. I've learnt a lot. I hope you have as well.

This episode is dedicated to all the people who are starting out on their investing quest. It's a long road but that's where your advantage lies.

Spotify have recently allowed podcasters to access listener data. I get useful demographic information.

Listeners of this podcast are mostly under 44. Which means that you have the most valuable investing tool available - time.

I wanted to pass on to you some advice that I wish someone had whacked me around the head with when I was younger:




I talk about the book The Making of an American Capitalist a biography of Warren Buffett. He would look at every dollar not as a dollar now, but what it will be worth in the future with careful investment.

Warren Buffett - The Making of an American Capitalist

I also speak about John Cowley, the CEO of the Australian Shareholders' Association. You should join. I say that without hesitation. They are a fine organisation committed to looking after the interests of shareholders.

The video on this link is a great checklist for starting out with investing.

I also mention Tony Kynaston from the QAV podcast and his sage advice about keeping fees down and why.

Tony Kynaston - QAV Podcast

Which brings me to a listener question from Ryan who writes:

My partner and I have currently saved $40,000 towards a home deposit target of $100k+. Our savings are currently sitting in a "first home bonus saver account" at 1.75% p.a bonus interest rate.

We are looking to purchase our first home no sooner than 2 years from now. We have considered investing some or all of this money to help us boost our savings a little more aggressively and to become more familiar with investing for the future. What would you recommend? Thanks, Ryan.

You'll have to listen to the episode to hear the answer but it involves advice from Claude Walker, another guest on this podcast.

Claude Walker

Thanks again, and I look forward to bringing you some more great episodes.

Get in touch on social media on Twitter @phil_muscatello, Facebook @sharesforbeginners or with the hashtage #sharesforbeginners.

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