Bonus Episode -The Australian Shareholder's Association

with John Cowling

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Australian Shareholders' Association investor conference

This bonus episode is a shameless plug for the Australian Shareholders' Association. I’ve mentioned them many times on the podcast and the great work that they do. I’m a member and I strongly suggest that you join. It’s $130 a year for online only membership, which is a bargain, and as you’ll hear from John it works for the interests of individual shareholders like you and me.

The Association runs groups all across Australia where investors get together and share knowledge, ideas and war stories. There's useful presentations and guest speakers charged with teaching and nurturing investing skills. Most of all it is a chance to engage with experienced investors who have seen it all and who have intimate knowledge of many companies.

It's free for non-members to attend their first meeting, so find your local chapter and give it a try.

The 2020 Annual Conference is being held on May 18-19 at the Sheridan Grand Sydney Hyde Park. There's an early bird offer which ends on March 31. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded investors and hear presentations from the best minds in investing. Go to to find out more.

John Colwling - CEO of the Australian Shareholders' Association

That's John Cowling above, and together we've negotiated a special bonus deal with Lincoln Stock Doctor. The 1st 10 couples to sign up to attend the conference, will also get a year’s subscription to Stock Doctor valued at $1700. Call Mary at the Association on 02 9252 4244 to claim this great deal.

Australian Shareholders' Association

What does the ASA do?

  • Stands up for shareholder rights
  • Keeps companies and management accountable
  • Makes votes count at AGMs
  • Educates investors in financial knowledge and investment skills
  • Connects a community of investors
  • Proxy harvesting (listen to the episode to find out about this)

"We are Australia's largest, independent, not-for-profit individual investor association. We bring this experience, scale and expertise to the table when it comes to looking after the needs of our members.

We’re passionate about keeping the market fair for the everyday, independent investor, and we’ve been doing just that since 1960. So you know your investment journey is backed by an expert organisation you can trust.

And when you join the ASA, you join a community of experienced investors and shareholders. Members are able to further their investment knowledge through the annual conference, monthly meetings and discussion groups (including in regional areas), as well as one-off seminars and workshops."

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