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Kurt Walkom - Pearler

Pearler is an online broker for long-term investors. And Kurt is a co-founder who has learnt the hard way that the only sustainable way to build wealth is to invest passively with a long-term time horizon.

"There are some great studies out there and the only one I'll reference is the SPIVA study - active versus passive professional managers comparison, and it will show you that over a rolling five year period, on any comparison, passive outperforms active more than 50% of the time. And typically for your large cap indices, for example an active manager who focuses on the ASX 200 or in the US, Asia, will underperform passive over a five year rolling period. Why pay extra fees for active? Just set and forget."

Pearler is designed for the long term investor and offers auto-investing, goal tracking, access to Finfluencer portfolios, low-cost brokerage, access to all ASX stocks & ETFs (US stocks coming soon!) AND zero-brokerage on some ETFs (conditions apply).


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About Pearler

Pearler is an online broking platform to help Aussies achieve financial independence via long-term investing. Pearler was founded in Sydney in 2018 after the founders got fed up with only having two bad options to refer our friends to when they wanted to start investing – confusing trading platforms or expensive micro-investment apps. Pearler makes investing effortless and helps to create good financial habits by automating the investing process.

How does it work?

Create your Pearler account

  • Choose, where you want to invest. You can pick any AU (and soon US!) stocks and ETFs
  • Worry less, and automate your investments
  • Set a goal and track your progress towards your financial independence.

How is Pearler priced?

And in terms of pricing, our fees are very simple – $9.50 for all transactions.  

What makes Pearler different from other low cost brokers?

Most low-cost brokers focus all their energy on making the trading experience better. Stop-loss orders, market depths, weekly performance updates but none of this helps a long-term investor. 

We replaced these with genuine long-term investing features:


Your funds can be securely deposited automatically, on a recurring basis, via direct debit.


You choose how, and when you want to invest. Autoinvest direct debits from your linked bank account, then once that direct debit clears in your Pearler account we invest it in your target portfolio, according to the investment rule you’ve set. At the moment we have 4 rules:

1) Single share furthest below target weight

2) Single share of my choice from my portfolio

3) Rebalance to target weights

4) Equally across target weight

Goal tracking

We help you to bridge the gap between your dream goals and your real investments. Simply set a goal and start investing. 

Shareable portfolios

Learn and get inspired by others. We make it easy for you to compare and share your portfolios with friends, family and ‘Finfluencers’, or see what the most popular stocks and ETFs for a specific goal are.


Sharesight portfolio tracker

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