Why I make the Shares for Beginners Podcast

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It's the Easter long weekend and a chance to take the foot off the accelerator. A time for reflection and to reassess. I've been making Shares for Beginners for 4 years now. It's been incredible in so many ways. But I'm a little burnt-out. I thought it would be a good exercise to reflect on why I am making the podcast - it may help to put some fuel back in the podcast power drive.

Why am I making the Shares for Beginners podcast? Well, it all started with my own personal experience with investing. I made many mistakes which cost me a lot of money, and I don't want others to make the same mistakes that I did. That's why I decided to start this podcast - to help others learn from my experience and avoid the same pitfalls.

I've always been interested in investing, but I never really knew where to start. When I finally did start investing, I made a lot of mistakes. I didn't have a clear understanding of what I was doing, and I ended up losing a lot of money as a result. It was a hard lesson to learn, but it taught me a lot about the importance of education and understanding the market.

That's why I want to learn more about investing - so that I can help others learn more too. I'm not an expert by any means, but I'm constantly seeking out new information and learning as much as I can about the market. I want to share that knowledge with others and help them make informed decisions about their investments.

But I don't aim this podcast at a basic level. The stock market is a complex beast, and there are no easy how-to guides. Instead, I want to dive deeper into the world of investing and explore some of the more complex topics. I want to challenge myself and my listeners to think critically about the market and the various factors that influence it.

Sometimes, I go down rabbit holes learning about capital markets and how they tick. It can be overwhelming at times, but I enjoy the challenge of understanding complex financial concepts. I know that not everyone shares this passion, but I hope that by breaking down these concepts in a clear and concise way, I can help others understand them too.

One of the things that I find most fascinating about investing is the psychology behind it. How we deal with our own mental maps is one of the greatest factor in investing success. There are many traps but they can be man aged.

Of course, investing is not without its risks. There are no guarantees in the market. If you want a guarantee go to Harvey Norman and buy a fridge. Even the most informed decisions can sometimes lead to losses.

That's why I'm making the Shares for Beginners podcast. I want to share my knowledge and experience with others, and help them avoid the same mistakes that I made. I want to challenge myself and my listeners to think critically about the market and to learn more about the complex world of investing. And I hope that through this podcast, we can all become more informed investors and make better decisions about our financial futures.


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