Common Investing Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Sydney September 24, 2019

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Shares for Beginners Live at Sharesight with Finimize

Ted Richards, Kylie Parker, Doug Morris, Claude Walker & Phil Muscatello

The Panel

Each panellist talked about their memorable mistakes - and how they could have been avoided with more research and diligence.

Ted mentioned the Dunning Kruger Bias where people overestimate their cognitive abilities.

We take a look at ETFs and the difference between active and passive management. Claude had a contrarian view that the ultimate diversified investment is Google, nothing else in the market having that much breadth and market power.

Ted is from a background in professional football and described watching his team mates blowing big money. They ended up with some impressive photos of cars and boats but not much else.

Questions from the audience included:

  • When is the time to sell a stock pick that has gone bad?
  • Where to look for stocks to invest in.
  • How do men and women invest differently?

One of my favourite moments was when each of the panellists recommended reading company reports. Except Kylie who, as an accountant, recommends that you don't read them. Choose your poison.

The evening was brought to you by Sharesight and Finimize

Claude Walker Ted Richards & Noel
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