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Scott Hudson - Computershare

When you made your first purchase of a share or ETF you would have received a welcome letter from a share registry. What's this for?

"What is a share registry? I think probably the easiest way to, to answer that is to use some other analogies. When you've got your license and you go to Vic roads or the RTA and they record who the license holders are, or you go to the land titles office and they register who the owners of properties are, a share registry records the ownership of companies. So who are the shareholders? What are their names? What are their addresses of the companies? And we primarily focus on ASX listed companies here in Australia" - Scott Hudson

A share registry like Computershare records

  • Your mailing address
  • Your email address
  • Your Tax File Number
  • Your bank account details

Please note: a CHESS Holding Statement is issued by the ASX and only by mail (still!). The address used is the one that you have provided to your broker.

As General Manager of Market Liaison, Scott is responsible for Computershare’s engagement with the market and leading strategic projects.

Prior to joining Computershare, Scott spent five years in London working for HSBC and Gartmore Investment Management on a range of managed investment and hedge funds, specialising in emerging markets and European large caps.

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