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Nathan Halliday Zipmex

I’ve been avoiding talking about crypto currencies for most of this podcast series. It’s difficult for me to find a way of explaining them without going down the rabbit holes of block chain and distributed ledgers, but today I thought we could have a go with Nathan Halliday from Zipmex.

Nathan Halliday Zipmex

"I started started dabbling in crypto probably six months before coming on board and actually started my journey in stocks and was was using superhero which had come into the market and looking at some tech stocks and that led me to cryptocurrency. And I've got some very good friends who were heavily involved in it, and I didn't really understand it, and, you know, for me, as I said, investing in anything I want to understand what I'm investing in. So yeah, I sort of started to really dive into it, which when it makes sort of opportunity came up. I thought it was a great fit and so for me, really what I've been learning about is the underlying tech, you know and and how blockchain effectively works and you know the decentralized Ledger's effectively is creating a new form of trust. So, by having a network effect across, you know, millions of computers around the world. the security of these registered transactions is incredible. So for me, understanding the basis of what the technology, it was was really important."

Cryptocurrency 101 Series: An Introductory Guide For Beginners

As technology advances, the way we interact and use financial systems changes. Cryptocurrency is a proven digital programmable asset that is aiming to disrupt many industries. While this major disruption of tech is at least five years away, understanding what cryptocurrency is and how to use it can be difficult for those starting.

This article will discuss the new technology and how to purchase and use it in the real world. To read the rest of this Introductory Guide download the pdf here.

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3 Easy Ways to Stay Ahead Of The Crypto Curve

Nothing hurts more than finding out that you sold your crypto assets a week before they skyrocketed. This is especially the case straight after a market correction.

There is no shortcut to becoming a better trader or investor. To ensure maximum returns, you need to keep a constant tab on the market, do your research properly, and find ways to multiply your earnings.

This article will dive into these three aspects and provide you with simple, actionable steps to get the best returns from your crypto investments. Download the pdf to read more.

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