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Mark Monfort New Era Analytics

Mark Monfort is a proud data nerd who loves nothing more than wrangling data into beautiful visuals.  He is the founder & CEO of New Era Analytics, a company dedicated to helping others by turning their raw data into powerful and actionable insights. An example is ETF Tracker which shares interactive analysis of Australian ETFs from the ASX and Chi-X.

I find that ETFs are the most misunderstood product in the market.  That seems to be changing slowly. There was a recent story on ABC News TV covering this and how people under 40 are more comfortable with ETFs than direct share investment.

Mark Monfort New Era Analytics

Mark spoke to me about his passion for turning data into easy to see visualisations.  We also spoke about:

  • His now discontinued Robin Hood App showing which stocks were being bought and sold on the Robin Hood platform.
  • Measurements of ETFs which show their size and liquidity, which is important if you want to withdraw your funds quickly and at a good price.
  • Learning to talk the talk so that you understand what ETF providers are trying to sell to you.
  • ETFs are not a magic tool that will protect your capital. If the general market goes down, so will your ETFs.
  • Concentration risk of having the same companies in multiple ETFs.  You can end up paying multiple management fees for similar holdings and multiple brokerage when you're buying or selling.


Mark Monfort New Era Analytics



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