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Simply Wall St

Al Bentley is the founder and CEO of Simply Wall St, a Sydney based start-up helping transform the way everyday people around the world invest, by empowering them to understand complicated financial data and make better, non-emotional decisions. Simply Wall St has over 3 million customers in 170 countries and the platform covers all global markets.

Al is a self-taught stock investor who like many others had a painful experience when investing in stocks for the first time. “The experience was just so bad I thought there surely must be a better way. It turns out there isn’t. So I decided to build it.”

"What I noticed when I was researching stocks before I started Simply Wall St, you end up knowing certain bits about a company that you want to learn that you want to include in your research, but it's extremely laborious to go and find all that information. And it's good to get to that stage in your investing that, there's certain things you want to check because it means you've got a bit of a pattern and you're starting to develop a bit of a methodology that of course can evolve over time. So much of this stuff was there was no single place to get the information." 




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