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"The share market is limitless in regards to the types of businesses you can invest in, but of course you need to do so through pretty strict glasses and have a means to block out all the euphoria that can often come with stock discussion."

Elio has had a distinguished career over 2 decades in the finance sector and his experience spans equities research, fund management and as business owner. Elio is also a renowned market commentator both domestically and internationally. He is a regular contributor to the Australian Financial Review, ABC Radio and TV as well as being the Host of Spotee – Shining the spotlight on shares. 


Most recently he spent 17 years with Lincoln Indicators, a research house and boutique fund manager based in Melbourne. Throughout his time there he filled the roles of Head of Research, CEO and Executive Director. He contributed to the firm’s long history of consistent out performance, including achieving top ranking amongst its peers for its Managed Funds a number of times. 

Throughout his career Elio has educated thousands of DIY and SMSF investors on how to proactively manage their portfolios and achieve consistent out performance over the long-run.Coupling his deep and proven experience with his engaging style, Elio is focused on helping as many people as he can become successful share investors by demystifying the jargon, and making it accessible and actionable by everyday investors.

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