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Douglas Morris - CEO of Sharesight

"I've eaten many Texas-shaped waffles."

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I had a great time chatting with Doug from Sharesight. He's a great guy and I love using Sharesight myself.

It may sound boring but record-keeping is important in share investing and it also gives you insights that can make you a more profitable investor.

We cover a range of topics including:

  • The history of Sharesight and how it works
  • His previous career at Morningstar and an insight into analysis
  • Benchmarking your portfolio against a broader market index
  • The tax treatment of ETFS and those gnarly statements
  • Reducing costs especially in the gravy train that is superannuation
  • Annualised performance and how this can help your investing

And some great advice for the first time investor - buy and hold a stock that you are familiar with, do your research, download the annual report and have a look at it's chart.

There's a bonus section where we discuss some of the terms that you may be unfamiliar with. We talked about GICS which is the Global Industry Classification Standard. It's worth just having a look at the ASX and what it's made up of.  Here's a site that gives a nice overview.

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