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One of the basic building blocks of investing is "doing your research". But, there is so much information out there it can be very confusing, especially charts and what is known as technical analysis. Today's guest, Louise Bedford, has a simple solution and that's to utilise "Candlesticks". These clever charts are made up of candles, with wicks at both ends. They're colour-coded red and green for easy identification. Listen as she explains how you can use them to identify trends and help you to buy and sell shares.

Louise has been in the markets for over 20 years and with her partner Chris Tate runs the Trading Game. With degrees in Psychology and Business, she's a behavioural finance expert who makes the complex simple and provides you with practical investment advice.

In this episode...

* Coming up with your own ideas and standing by them

* The difference between technical and fundamental analysis

* Chart types - and what you should be looking for

* Support and Resistance - jargon-busting these important concepts

* And the very good reason to have an "unreasonable friend"

Charts are visual so here is a video of Louise speaking with Cam Hawkins from the Trading Nut Podcast. It's a chat that fleshes out the concepts we discussed on Shares for Beginners.

You can find more information about Louise and The Trading Game at this link.