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Camilla Love is the founder and Managing Director of ETF provider eInvest. In this chat we spoke about:

  • Why you should consider actively managed ETFs as part of portfolio
  • How certain sectors require active rather than passive management
  • Allocating some of your portfolio to different asset classes
  • Camilla's work with 

"ETFs are a really great way to start, because they give you the diversification, they are cheaper in fees, and they are liquid. You can invest $500 or less depending on your brokerage platform into your first ETF, and you can use that as an opportunity to educate yourself about ETFs, the markets, things that will provide volatility within the markets things that will provide company growth. I think a lot of people are very much like, oh I need to have, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest, but actually, you really don't. So get amongst it."

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