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Ted Richards is a behavioural economics and investment expert. He hosts the Richards Report Podcast and is a former AFL premiership player with the Sydney Swans, where he earned accolades not only for his football skill but his leadership, toughness and sportsmanship. He was a board member of the AFL Players Association from 2012-16. Ted has a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters of Applied Finance and has previously worked for Citigroup and Airlie Funds Management. Ted is currently the Head of Distribution at Online Investment Management Service Six Park.

We Spoke About:

  • The social media and stock markets
  • The effect of higher interest rates
  • What's a pump and dump?
  • What's a Stonk?
  • Should you be thinking of getting financial advice?
  • Will Souths win the AFL this year?

Scrabble pieces to pick stocks - Ted on Dave Portnoy's "active" management

"Dave Portnoy is the founder of a huge pop culture blog Barstool Sports which is certainly much more popular in the states and than here in Australia. And Dave is incredibly charismatic, he's hilarious. He's an incredible marketer, and an incredible salesman and off the back of this he’s used his leverage to grow his brand even more and invented personas around Davey day trader, where he uses Scrabble pieces to pick stocks. Don’t get me wrong it is quite funny but there are some people that can't differentiate between humor and actual investment philosophies and maybe he's trying to keep that confusion happening as well. Some of the quotes that he said about investing, where he was making a comparison with betting on sports gambling and how you can actually potentially lose all your money with sports gambling but investing is alright because stocks always go up, I'm just shaking my head when I'm listening to that."

Morgan Housel - a favourite guest

Episode Transcript - unedited

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