Steve Bull - Tuesday March 24

ETFs & LICs in the time of corona

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Steve Bull from ETF Watch

We welcome Steve Bull from ETF Watch back to the podcast.

Steve is also the Head of Client Experience at TOMORROW super, so we also talk some super news.

We talk about his thoughts on:

  • Accessing your super - is this a good thing?
  • Buying opportunities in the current mareket
  • Livewire - 3 fund manager's views on market the recovery - anything from a month’s time to 20 years!

Lessons from the GFC

  • Dividends may go up in the short term
  • Experience show that dividends will go down and a warning not to take past dividend yields as a guide to the future

LICs what are they and how they can be bought at a discount. Steve mentioned a site that gives updated information about LIC premiums and discounts. Here's the link.

We address a listener question from Thurston Darcy about ethical ETFs

Can you please ask Steve Bull on your next show if he's aware of any Australian ETFs that are environmentally ethically focused or at least stay away from the mining companies i.e. BHP

  • Inverse ETFs don’t be caught with your pants down.
  • Leveraged and Synthetic ETFs beware.

We finish with a quote from famed investor Jeremy Grantham:

Be aware that the market does not turn when it sees light at the end of the tunnel, it turns when all looks black, but a subtle shade less black than the day before

Steve Bull from ETF Watch
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