Rob Gilmour - looking beyond the noise

Recorded March 18, 2020

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Rob Gilmour from Wealth Simplicity

Another market update. Should you be edging back into the market now? Maybe, maybe not. Picking the bottom is impossible and if you wait for the coast to be clear, markets will have already taken off. There are no easy answers.

Rob Gilmour from Wealth Simplicity kindly dropped in to share his views and to look beyond the noise. This was recorded at 9am on Wednesday March 18, 2020

We discuss:

  • The quickest onset of a bear market in history
  • What is it like to live through a recession
  • Don't sell if you don't have to
  • Lessons from the GFC - selling at the bottom of the market
  • It's almost impossible to know when to get back in.
  • The difference between today and the GFC
  • Staying away from leveraged or synthetic ETFs
  • And finally - we will be going into tough times - but things will eventually get better.

"Stay safe and look after each other"

And a special bonus bark of optimism from Bear the Studio Pooch. This is her after a recent operation - fortunately successful.

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