Evan McQuire - April 15, 2020

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Evan McQuire - MF&Co Asset Management

We're in a bull and a bear market at the same time. There has been a massive sell-off in stock markets and an equally surprising recovery from the lows. Evan talks about the mechanics behind this turnaround:

  • How governments keep money flowing through the system
  • Is this the beginning of a new depression?
  • Companies will begin reporting soon and impacts will be clearer
  • Will iron ore demand from China save us again?
  • Evan's scepticism and apprehension
  • It's too early to tell what the damage is going to be.
  • The reasons for why there is a stock market - raising capital

Listener questions:

Luke thank you for your kind words about the podcast! Luke is 25-34 years of age.

Other than Sharesight, are there any simple tips to manage bank accounts and record all information? And please specify what it is that I need to record for my accountant for tax purposes?

Also, how do dividends get paid out - do they get paid back into a linked bank account?

And if I had $1000 shares with 5% yield, how can I simply reinvest $50 without incurring brokerage fees? (question asked by Nancia as well)


What do capital raisings mean for the every day investor? What does it mean if you already hold shares in that company? What does it mean if you don't already hold shares but were thinking of buying that stock?

Shares for Beginners is for information and educational purposes only. It isn’t financial advice, and you shouldn’t buy or sell any investments based on what you’ve heard here. Any opinion or commentary is the view of the speaker only not Shares for Beginners. This podcast doesn’t replace professional advice regarding your personal financial needs, circumstances or current situation.

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