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Andrew Cornejo - Hazer Group

Disruption is happening everywhere in the software and digital worlds. But this overlooks disruption that is taking place right now in industrial processes.

As the world decarbonises one of the major issues is the storage and transportation of energy. That's where Hazer comes in.

I met Andrew at the ASX Small and Mid Cap Conference last year. He explained the coming "hydrogen wave" that will help to enable the storage and transportation of energy produced by renewables. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode where Andrew talks about:

  • How the process works
  • What it's like taking a dream to reality
  • The size of the hydrogen market
  • Becoming carbon positive
  • The involvement of Mineral Resources ASX:MIN a minerals processing company.

This is a video of his presentation:

Methane decomposition is an old technology that Andrew Cornejo has looked at with new eyes. He’s explored the commercial opportunities of the process that Hazer is now developing. It enables the conversion of natural gas and similar feed stocks, into hydrogen and graphite, using iron ore as a catalyst. As he explains this catalyst as simple as iron-ore rich dirt from the Pilbara.

Hazer Group

Hazer Group Limited (ASX:HZR) is a technology development company undertaking the commercialisation of the Hazer Process, a low-emission hydrogen and graphite production process. The Hazer Process enables the effective conversion of natural gas and similar methane feedstocks, into hydrogen and high quality graphite, using iron ore as a process catalyst.

Andrew Cornejo - Hazer Group

Hazer is at the pivot point between research & development and commercialisation. They are at the pre-revenue stage. A commercial demonstration plant is being built that will show the technology at a scale that produces the first revenue.

I hope that this episode also shows the importance of the share market providing capital to fund innovation.

Thanks for coming on the podcast, Andrew.

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