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Mark Tobin - Coffee Microcaps

Mark Tobin has been passionate about finding "undiscovered" microcap stocks ever since he began his career as an equity analyst in Sydney. He's been hooked on uncovering these hidden gems and following their story and evolution. 

Mark has his finger firmly on the pulse of the small end of the ASX. He was a pleasure to chat with and I hope to get him back on soon. I still have so many questions and we only had a limited time to chat.

We spoke about the sector and:

  • The definition of a microcap - which is a market capitalisation under $300 million, a small cap is valued between $300 million - $1.5 billion.
  • The lack of coverage by analysts of this part of of the market.
  • The share ownership being mainly retail and other small investors.
  • How there is much greater access to management than bigger companies.
  • Indexes that track this sector ASX:XEC and ASX:XSO.
  • The concepts of liquidity and price discovery.
  • Accessing this sector via ETFs & LICs WAM Microcap LIC, Safira Managed Fund & LIC, Perennial.

In this sector the CEO is usually the founder - it's their life's work that's driving them on.

Mark mainly gleans his insights from 3 sources:

  • ASX announcements
  • The 

Strawman blog. Andrew Page the founder of Strawman was my guest in this episode.

  • Twitter - you can contact Mark @Cmicrocaps

You can also contact Mark via email at

Below is the video of the 3rd instalment of the Coffee Microcap Morning Meeting with the following 2 presenters 

1. Eddie Geller CEO of Tinybean Group (ASX: TNY)

2. Dr Chris Richards CEO of Apiam Animal Health (ASX: AHX) Starts 26min 00sec

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