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Warwick Grigor - Far East Capital

My Dad was a mining engineer and spent most of his working life in remote locations making sure that miners went safely underground. Australian mining is a sector I've wanted to cover for a long time. Fortunately I've found the right guest. Warwick Grigor from Far East Capital.

Far East Capital

"Australia is blessed with good geology and good land access in most parts particularly in Western Australia, South Australia and Western Queensland where there's no competing population. These areas are often marginal for farming and in fact the farming industry relies on the mining industry in many cases for additional jobs. Agriculture is very seasonal, you get your droughts, you get your good years, and mining companies that employ hard-working farming type people, do a lot of good in these country areas. They help to keep the fabric of society together. With the prospectivity and the Australian mentality we're probably the the best breeding ground for mining companies in the world."  - Warwick Grigor

Australian Mineral Resources

Warwick sees himself in more of a mentoring role these days. He has a fantastic newsletter that is available for free. There's a wealth of information available about mining and his views about the larger trends that affect markets. You can register for this newsletter here.

Warwick Grigor is a graduate of the Australian National University having completed degrees in law and economics. His association with mining commenced with a position in the finance department of Hamersley Iron, and from there he moved to Jackson, Graham, Moore and Partners to become Australia's first specialist gold mining analyst. 

Having established Jacksons as a leading gold research stockbroker, Warwick left to be the founding Research partner at Pembroke Securities and then the Senior Gold Analyst at County NatWest Securities, for five years. He retired from County in 1991 to found Far East Capital Limited ("FEC") that was established as a specialist small mining company financier and corporate adviser. 

FEC works closely with a network of analysts and corporate advisory personnel that extends its reach beyond what would normally be expected of a private advisory business.

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