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Fiona Balzer - Australian Shareholders' Association

What's an Annual General Meeting and why you should care. It's the only time you can remind the Board that there are small shareholders whose interests they need to look after.

Many new investors are only interested in the ticker code and whether it is going up or down. Or rather, whether it will go up or down. However, if you look at it as an ongoing business which serves a purpose in our community, you can build wealth more easily over 10, 20, 30 years. That's the heart of the AGM. 

You should know about:

  • Remuneration Reports
  • Short & Long Term Incentives
  • Voting Intentions
  • Proxies

Each year the Australian Shareholders’ Association or ASA, monitors the performance of most of Australia’s ASX200 companies - protecting the rights of retail shareholders with a dedicated team of company monitors. These volunteer members meet with company chairs and directors, and attend AGMs to ask questions of importance to members and retail shareholders.

ASA has 110 volunteer monitors – who come from a wide range of backgrounds. Many have expertise and life experience that contributes to their analysis of company performance – whether governance, financial or operational.

The ASA also aggregates voting intentions, representing approximately 4 billion dollars of shareholder value with the ASA nominated as proxy.

If you would like to dive further and deeper into the AGM season just past and learn more about some of Australia's biggest companies, here's AGM Watch from the Australian Shareholders' Association.


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