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Kate Campbell and Owen Raszkiewicz Rask Finance

Many thanks to Kate Campbell and Owen Raszkiewicz for inviting me on to the Australian Finance Podcast.

It's a podcast that provides a crash course to those working to sort out their personal finances and kick their financial goals. Owen founded Rask Australia in 2017 to provide financial and investment education to the majority of Australians and Kiwis who go without, and since its inception has expanded to include investment advice, news, research and podcasts. Kate is the Founder and Editor of How To Money, creating the platform to share her own financial journey, helping others avoid the mistakes which she made along the way, and provide information on how to sort out your finances and start investing.

We discussed:

  • Shares for Beginners
  • Personal investing journey’s and finding friends
  • Diversification
  • Owen and Kates three lessons
  • Strategies to avoid mistakes
  • Where does luck come into it

Owen and Kate's three lessons

  1. Stop trying to time the market and accumulate: Investing is a habit and the act of investing builds other habits such as saving and managing your money. Often success doesn’t come down to picking one amazing stock and making a fortune but rather from consistent repetitive behaviour while not giving into our impulses.
  2. Diversification doesn’t mean you need to have hundreds of small scattered investments: Rather picking a handful of ETFs across a number of countries and asset classes can set you up for success while also keeping your portfolio concise and organised.
  3. Manage your risk:  People will take risks even when they don’t have to. Humans are insatiable, so they always want to do better, but keeping your risk profile in perspective is essential. Everything which goes above and beyond what you need to survive is just ego.


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