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Betty Westcott Ladies Finance Club

Betsy is passionate about helping women build good financial skills to create security, happiness and success for themselves and their loved ones. Growing up on a sheep and cattle station in Queensland she learned from a young age that good budgeting and financial skills are essential for staying on top of whatever life throws your way.

Along with Molly Benjamin she is a founder of The Ladies Finance Club.

Ladies Finance Club

"We want to see a future where women are in control of their finances so they can be empowered to make any choice they want." - Betsy & Molly

Betsy Westcott Ladies Finance Club

Betsy & Molly run events, workshops and courses with leading industry experts to break down a range of topics from investing, superannuation, debt and budgeting.

We always have prosecco or champagne, giddy-up.

They want you to control life on your own terms, feel confident about your money and plant the seeds for a more secure financial future (and still buy shoes).

Foundational Concepts You Need To Understand Before Investing

  • Compound Returns
  • Asset Classes
  • Risk & Return
  • Inflation
  • Risk Profile
  • Diversification
Molly Benjami

Molly Benjamin who unfortunately couldn't make it to the interview.

A blessing perhaps - I'm not sure I would have got a word in with both on the mike.

Practical Steps to Get Started

  • Pay off all debt
  • Build up your emergency savings
  • What are your goals?
  • Buy direct - tricky
  • Buy a fund - managed, exchange traded, LIC
  • Get advice - planner or robo-advice, ASIC's MoneySmart
  • Stay close to your money - keep really good records
Phil Muscatello Betsy Westcott

Betsy and Phil (Uncle Chop Chop) celebrating Ladies & Movember

Make money fun - associate it with good things, don't associate it with pain and boredom

Check out the Ladies Finance Club. It's fun, financially rewarding and fabulous

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