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Dr Bianca Ogden - Platinum Health Care Fund

We've become much more aware of our health recently, and it seems that every day there's another vaccine or treatment breakthrough. If anything, the last few months have highlighted the importance of our health.

In this episode I speak with Dr Bianca Ogden who runs the Platinum International Health Care Fund. The fund invests in health care companies from around the world. The global healthcare ecosystem ranges from multinational pharmaceuticals to biotechs engaged in early stage research, from medical equipment makers to specialists in diagnostic and laboratory technologies, from hospitals to healthcare software providers.

We chatted about having a 3D view of the industry. Many investors get excited about a press release from a biotech company about a "breakthrough". But you need to know that other companies may be engaged in very similar research and by the time the new development has come to market the playing field may have completely changed.  

"A scientist is analytical and can pinpoint trends...there’s a lot of rumours, a lot of misinformation that a lot of people follow but if you stick to the facts they play out in the end."

We also talked about how failure is a key part of the industry. As a scientist herself she knows that most experiments fail. It's how those companies deal with failure that is a key measure for her. It's difficult to value a biotech company because it's not about the cash flow. A drug either works or it doesn't.

There's much more great stuff in the episode. I waited a long time to have Bianca on as a guest. I've heard her on a number of podcasts and was keen to have a chance to speak with her.

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