Michael Dee - Dialling Down the Doom

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Michael Dee - Pythagoras Investing

How disastrous is the economic downturn going to be and what will be the effect on markets? Michael began to look at China in early March as an example of how an economy recovers from lockdowns. And it's not all gloom. 

This episode was recorded on Tuesday June 2, 2020 and Michael gives his overview of economic and share market recovery - which won't necessarily be synchronised.

He observes that the top 200 companies on the ASX are substantially comprised of:

  • 26% Banks
  • 18% Miners
  • 13% CSL

And that this is not the same as the economy.

He has no level of excitement in the banks over the next 12 months, but he doesn't see that as being a result of a drastic drop in the price of housing. Other sectors to consider?

"If you've driven past Bunnings recently, the line out of Bunnings, and therefore Wesfarmers, is enormous."

  • Michael explains his interest in Oil & Gas providers.
  • The dynamics of oil in the current situation
  • Why China is such a big part of our future – wolf-warrior diplomacy
  • While America talks a lot and does little, China talks little and does a lot.
  • What is a commodity? 

Michael recently appeared on QAV Podcast with Tony Kynaston where he chatted about his views on volatility as a predictor of share market movements. The picture below will take you to an appearance on AusbizTV.

Michael Dee Ausbiz-TV
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