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Kylie Purcell - Finder

On the occasion of Shares for Beginners' second birthday, Kylie Purcell kindly took some time out from wrangling Gamestop and r/wallsreetbets articles to join me for a random chat about investing and to wear the official SFB 2nd birthday party hat.

My first share purchase was in a broker's office whereas Kylie bought her first company based on a tip on Youtube. This is an indication of how the world has changed since the dark ages, and the opportunities and possibilities available to investors right now. It's also a lesson in NOT taking your investment tips from Youtube.

Kylie revealed her personal investing doctrine:

"I really enjoy doing the research and I enjoy writing about it. So that's part of the reason I've built up a stock portfolio. I have a quite a diversified stock portfolio, a mix of US and Australian stocks, some risky, some low risk. I'm also trying to build up a bit of a dividend portfolio. But for anyone that's not interested in doing a whole bunch of research and following the proper reports and understanding trends if you're not prepared to follow all that, just invest in an ETF."


We talked about how women need to start investing. It's changing but not fast enough.

"There are more men and young guys investing in the stock market than women. And it's been that way for a long time. But the trends do show that that's changing, which is a really good thing. The fact that you can buy and sell shares online now I think is a really big step. I think the rise of online broking platforms has been a really good thing for women just to get in there and get started. And start young. I think it has to start when you're younger, especially for women. I think as you start to get older family, becomes important, jobs become important. And it's just a lot of effort to get into share trading, and it can appear to be risky. And you've got other priorities at that point. So I think educating your kids, your daughters would be a really big step. And starting at school as well. You know, I know a lot of boys schools in Australia do teach you about the stock market. I don't know any girls schools that do that. That could be a really big start."

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